About server

Warius - young ambitious project, which from the very first days of its work is focused exclusively on the audience’s development and expansion. These days, MMORPG game, such as MU Online can hardly surprise anyone, therefore in addition to original content we provide our exclusive vision to the game, introducing you our own modifications and innovations. So whether you are an ‘’old school’’ player, since the first computer clubs were introduced, or just a beginner, not knowing much about MU Online - you will get maximum enjoyment from the game. Warius Administration appreciates every single player therefore a lot of finances were spent, so that our server can work smoothly 24/7, along with a professional Anti-DDoS and Anti-Cheat system. In addition, playing on our server, you will always get fast and qualified help and answers on your asked questions. Choosing Warius, you will experience only positive emotions, find new friends, certainly reach the game heights, as we work exclusively for you. Join now!

Prime x30 Inferno x1000
Version S13 P1-2 S13 P1-2
Experience x30 x1000
Drop rate 50% 50%
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Game content

Server work on a full Season 13 Part 1-2 Emulator with our custom settings and features. All our events work, from the well-known Blood Castle, to the novelties of season 10 - updated Battle Core. In addition, for most of our events, top system works just perfectly fine, succeeding in which player will be reward with w coins. Furthermore, our customised Socket, Elemental and Muun system works absolutely fine. If you are a beginner or have played on the old seasons, any information regarding to the game content can be found here.

Locations and spots

We have access to all WebZen locations. On locations, where WebZen have monsters, we created spots, which for convenience are marked with the appropriate icons on the mini-map (‘Tab’ key). Spots are evenly distributed across the locations and set up, so that players won't be spending too much time on their search. The number of monsters on the spot does not exceed 5 pcs. (excluding randomly generated mobs), this is due to the relatively small maximum amount of resets. In some key places you will be able to find ‘’double’’ spots, which should attract organised player groups, who are ready to oppose such a place.

Items and their options

Our items are completely from Season 13 Part 1-2. Significant changes have been done to some of options, so the actual value of damage decrease in the excellent gear is + 5% and the attack speed on weapons - +50. In similar way, harmony and socket options were changed. In addition, we completely redesigned classical ancient set item options to rise players interest over these items, on which they usually do not pay attention because of their low characteristics or irrelevance options. All type of weapons will be valued now, as we strengthened Master Skill Tree abilities (two-handed, one-handed, shield).

Economics and donations

The economy is built on the basic currency - w coins. It is most valuable, as only for w coins you can purchase items in smithy, getting the best items in the game. You can earn w coins in variety of ways - by voting, deals on the market, selling character on the auction house, participating in events, reaching your place in various top lists and of course by donating. Speaking about donations, it’s worth mentioning that it does not play a decisive role in the gameplay. If you are an active player, you will be able to quickly catch your donator opponents (and if you’re skilled, you’ll be able to achieve superiority over them!). Apart from w coins as a barter currency, zen and jewels can be used. Zen is required mainly for technical services, as upgrading items, crafting, buying potions, making resets etc. however despite of that it has a certain value. Jewels are also used in the game as a trading currency, directly making transactions with other players. For that, we advice you to use offtrade, as you can easily sell your items while being offline.