Inferno x1000 launches on May 25 at 18:00 server time! Take a part in our sharing contest, more info here.


Legion x30 Launch Day Information

New beginning for the newcomers! The first thing, on September 1 at 18:00 server time, a new Legion x30 server will open its doors, however that is not all! New patches with pleasant updates and novelties are on the way, which is very important for the low-rate sever as well. First of all, on some of the x shop pets and transformation rings % of gained experience rate will be significantly reduced, which will certainly bring fairness between ordinary players and donators, bringing it even closer to play to win concept. Secondly, new patch will contain some of the new season novelties and hotfixes. Information about the server can be already found here.

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Transfer from Asteria to Genesis

Dear players! As you all already understand, the game on the current server Asteria x25 comes to its logical conclusion. Low online demotivates users to continue the game, and a large number of already high reset and fully packed characters scares off our newcomers. Obviously, the server needs to breathe a new life, and we have to cope with this task in the upcoming days. Unfortunately, freebies for Asterian new players also did not yield any positive results. Our solution was to save your characters by making transfer to the Genesis x1000 where you can continue your game.

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Freebies for Asterian New Players

The key of the success in any of the server is, first of all, new players, who by their arrival brings a freshness into the already existing audience. If it happens, then our administration has fulfilled three things - advertising, which makes players generally aware of the project's existence, work on its internal component, thanks to which our project is brining an interest, and creating favourable conditions for our beginners. Warius administration is willing to show you that the new Asteria x25 world isn't that closed and hostile, as it's customary to think about the recently opened low-rate servers. We are proud to announce that from now, all the newcomers will start the game with a special gift pack, demonstrating a true MU Online world to everyone who has shown an interest.

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