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Patch v1.12.02 +Maze of Dimensions

The particular patch, in addition to all other changes, presents to your attention a new event - Maze of Dimensions. It is sort of labyrinth, where players have to find the shortest path from the start to the finish, at the same time killing monsters and passing related quests. In total, there are seven stages, subsequently with each stage players will have to face with more complex paths. Since it can take quite a long time to complete these stages, on our server Maze of Dimensions is presented as an event for farming Ruud. All the details can be found in this guide. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below.
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Transfer from Legion to Genesis

Hello Warizens! As you already know, the game on the current server Legion x30 does not cause any interest anymore, since it has nearly died. Low online demotivates current users to continue the game, and especially demotivates newcomers to join the game. Legion players must breathe a new life, and to do so, administration has made a decision to transfer them to the already existing Genesis x1000 server, where they will be able to continue the game with their current Legion characters.
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Patch v1.12.01

We present to you a new patch, which affects various aspects of the gameplay and contains fixes of some known bugs. The most important thing to say today is the addition to the already present game - mini-game Find Bombs (Minesweeper) and new event Evomon Evolves, two critical bug fixes with missing elemental monsters and Offllevel system, as well as changes in VIP system - now Gold server has become completely Non-PvP without Battle locations. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below.
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